SHORE UP! Inc.’s Board of Directors are a diverse group of individuals who are selected based on their various roles in the communities that we serve. Each member goes through training and orientation after being selected to serve on the agency’s board.  Typically, a board member will serve for a two-year term.  The board meets on a bi-monthly basis to commune and discuss the successes and strategies to promote our agency and its mission and values throughout the communities we serve. Some of the responsibilities associated with serving on our board include, but are not limited to:

  1. Analysis and approval of the agency’s annual budget
  2. Analysis and approval of grants
  3. Research and presentation of new funding/service opportunities
  4. Participation and solicitation for the agency’s community needs survey and assessment
  5. Provide and be prepared to receive complaints and allegations of wrongdoing that affect the senior staff of the agency – its omission or commission, including conflict of interest
  6. Discharge and replace its members for reasons authorized by the bylaws
    Craig Mathies, Chair
     McKinley Tull, Vice Chair
     Troy Brittingham, Jr., Treasurer
   Lakeshia Pinder-Jackson, Secretary
     Elroy Brittingham
Board Members Not Pictured:
Marshall Corbin
Cullina Cornish
April Jackson
Richie Kinder
Denise Lewis
Michelle Lewis
Jeff Merritt
Diana Purnell
Kenson Raymond
Ivory Smith