Health Screenings are provided to participants of our Early Education programs within the first 45 days of each program year. In addition to these screenings, family service workers ensure that parents and participants have resources to connect them with health insurance and dental care. Disability services and resources are also offered to early education participants and their families. (Approximately 10% of our participants have disabilities).

Additionally, SHORE UP operates the Adult Day Services program, which offers daily care to individuals age 16 or older with disabilities, and the elderly. Adult Day Services (ADS) has been operating since 1975, providing a safe, friendly place for clients to spend the day with well-trained, caring staff who will meet their needs. By offering the chance to make friends and become more active, ADS helps reduce the isolation the disabled and elderly can experience.  Each day’s activities are planned to provide fun and an opportunity to develop hobbies.  Independence is encouraged.

Note: All centers are licensed to provide respite services through the Senior Care Plus Program.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Individuals age 16 or older who need medical supervision and physical and social stimulation.
  • Individuals must have a need for skilled nursing and related services (i.e., services so inherently complex that they can be safely and effectively performed only by, or under the supervision of a registered nurse. A condition that usually would not require skilled care may warrant it because of concurrent medical conditions or complications).
  • Potential clients with communicable diseases must be first referred to the licensing authority prior to admission. The center may be prohibited from admitting an individual with a communicable disease if it is determined that the admitting individual could pose a risk to the health, safety, or welfare of any other individuals associated with the center.

For more information, contact Deschell Collins at, or call 443-523-0050.