The Housing Counseling Program aids individuals and families in improving their housing conditions and meeting the responsibilities of owning and/or renting a home. SHORE UP! Inc is a certified HUD Housing Counseling agency.

Services provided by the Housing Counseling Program include:

  • Assistance in finding decent, affordable housing
  • Budget and credit counseling
  • Pre-Purchase or First-Time Homebuyer Education
  • Post-Purchase Education
  • Default and Delinquency Education

Budget and credit counseling is administered by certified housing counselors to provide a financial basis for setting goals, tracking spending, saving for an emergency, and establishing or improving credit.Financial education is given in the form of workshops and one-on-one counseling conducted in person or via phone. SHORE UP! Inc.’s intention is to assist our customers with setting goals, establishing a budget, following their budget guideline with modifications where needed, establishing or rebuilding credit, and maintaining financial stability through counseling and coaching.

Pre-Purchase or First-Time Homebuyer Education consists of an 8-hour workshop that the individual or couple can complete either in-person (Invitation Letter) or online through eHome America.  Certification, essential for certain leaders and as pre-requisites for down payment programs, is provided at the culmination of the training. SHORE UP! Inc. is in compliance with these requirements and issues a certificate at the completion of the class, as well as a one-on-one financial plan session with the participant(s).

Post-Purchase Education serves as a follow up class for any homeowner who is interested in keeping and maintaining their investment.  Topics include:

  • Home Maintenance
  • Protecting Your Asset
  • Financial Management
  • Avoiding Foreclosure

Default and Delinquency Education provides counseling to homeowners who may be suffering from delinquent home loans, homeowner association fees, and/or facing foreclosure.  The agency works directly with the homeowner and their lender or HOA (Homeowners Association) to request a solution that will work for the homeowner and the lender.  Options available depend on the type of loan, the lender, and the circumstances surrounding the delinquency.  The intake application for assistance with foreclosure prevention can be printed and mailed in to our main office in Salisbury. Appointments will be established once the initial information has been obtained and reviewed by a housing counselor.

For additional information, contact Odetta Evans at, or call 410-749-1142 x 1056.