Children in SHORE UP! Inc.’s Head Start and Early Head Start programs will begin the school year Tuesday, Sept. 8 with virtual learning. Teachers will report to their respective facilities to conduct classes online. All families will be provided the necessary equipment and healthy food options to ensure a successful experience.

“SHORE UP! Inc. works with low to moderate income families who often do not own a laptop and/or smart device and do not have Internet access,” says Dr. Corey Bowen, Early Head Start and Head Start director. “That’s why SHORE UP! is providing tablets to all of our families. These tablets will be equipped with built-in Wi-Fi. In cases where there is no accessible Wi-Fi, we will try to offer Hotspots for families so their children are still able to receive instruction.”

According to Bowen, during the virtual period, the agency will deliver lunches to families daily.

“During the school year, we provide healthy, nutritional foods to our students. We want to continue providing those options even if they are not in the classroom.”

SHORE UP! will ultimately implement a hybrid model of in-person and virtual learning depending on family needs and data in the agency’s service areas regarding COVID-19. SHORE UP!’s Head Start and Early Head Start programs operate in seven counties along Maryland’s Eastern Shore, including Wicomico, Worcester, Somerset, Queen Anne’s, Dorchester, Talbot and Kent counties.

Bowen says a committee is currently discussing the details on how in-person classes and transportation will operate.

SHORE UP! is currently recruiting for its Head Start and Early Head Start programs. For more information or to apply, visit, or call 410-749-1142 ext. 341.


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