SHORE UP! Inc. reminds residents in Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset counties that now is the opportune time for eligible individuals to apply for Energy assistance.

The Community Action Agency’s Home Energy programs provide financial support to eligible individuals and families with paying current and delinquent electric bills. The Energy Assistance program is year round; however, customers must reapply each fiscal year. The new fiscal year will extend through June 30, 2021.

In Fiscal Year 2019, nearly 8,000 individuals received Energy assistance, and according to Thomas Vanlandingham, director for the Office of Home Energy Programs, there are different options that can assist with payment and budget billing.

“Applicants who are approved may have a portion of their electric bills paid, or if customers are eligible for the Electric Universal Service Program, they are offered a budget billing tool to provide assistance with spreading out bills into even monthly payments. This will help our citizens to avoid bill increases that can result from different weather patterns,” says Vanlandingham. “Every seven years, there is also arrearage retirement support that provides help with large past due electric and gas bills, up to $2,000.”

Prospective clients may apply for Energy assistance through SHORE UP!’s website at The website also lists the current income guidelines for eligibility. For Energy questions, call 410-341-9634.




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