SHORE UP! Inc. is dedicated to “helping people and changing lives.” One way the Community Action Agency accomplishes their mission is through its Weatherization program. The program assists eligible low to moderate income households in increasing energy efficiency, ultimately lowering energy costs.

This type of energy improvement is the main reason why SHORE UP! was the perfect candidate for Delmarva Power’s donation of 7,226 MegaLight ENERGY STAR Certified LED Light Bulbs that are great for saving money and energy. The donated bulbs are being provided to agency clients, including some Head Start and Early Head Start families.

SHORE UP! staff have been busy assembling donation kits comprised of the LED BR30 bulbs and A-19 bulbs. The BR30 bulb is a reflector light best suited for wide-angled directional lighting, casting less shadows and soft light. It is a 65W replacement incandescent and halogen lighting.

The A-19 bulbs replace a standard incandescent bulb and is used all over the home. The A-19 bulb is a 60W replacement that minimizes energy usage.

“We are so excited about receiving this donation from Delmarva Power,” says Chief Development and Communications Officer Tameka Kenan-Norman. “This organization fully understands the significance of helping families to save on energy costs, especially during the era of COVID.”

SHORE UP! also provides additional services under the umbrella of energy efficiency, such as preventing heat loss; making heating systems more efficient, conducting energy audits on homes to determine the need for weatherization; providing improvements to homes at no cost; lowering utility bills and making homes comfortable.

For more information on the agency’s energy efficiency improvement programs, contact Dorrence Reid at 410-749-1142 ext. 304.

Pictured (top)-SHORE UP! employees busy preparing donation kits from Delmarva Power

Pictured (bottom)-Carolyn Johnson, SHORE UP! bus aide, assembles a donation kit.




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