SHORE UP!’s Family Engagement and Community Partnerships Office has created a number of Parent Engagement Activities for families with children. These activities are good ways to continue educating and engaging young children at no cost while they are at the home during the Coronavirus crisis.

Reading-Select a book of your choice at home and/or online and re-create the characters in the story with your household members. Utilize clothing that you have at home to dress as the character in the story. Have fun and use items at home to make it fun and creative.

Clean Up, Clean Up-Go through household items and clothes that you have not used or worn in quite some time.  Make piles of items/clothes by color, size and style. This will be a fantastic sorting assignment, and kids will have fun engaging with their parents. This assignment will be a great learning experience sorting by color, size (big or small) and style (shirts, pants, socks etc.)

Plus, it’s a great way to get rid of things you are no longer using. (Donate to your local


Vision Boards– Find those old magazines that are laying around your house. Think about how you envision your future. Clip pictures from the magazine that align with your future plans. Include pictures of ideas you envision for the entire family. Paste your pictures on a cardboard box. (Use an empty cereal box).  This is a great project for the entire family to enjoy!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)-Create a maze! Allow everyone in the household to master your maze.

Items Needed:

Old shoe box

Straws (cut them 1inch or smaller)

Glue stick

Marble (do not leave child unattended with this item)


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